Illuminate – our new studio album weaves together a magical tapestry of sounds.

These original songs and lyrics bring together spiritual wisdom from the ages sculpted into beautiful melodies and evocative grooves with psychedelic guitar work and exotic instruments from around the world. All songs written by Eostar Kamala except “Madre Agua” is written by Alonso Del Rio.

Produced by Mathias Pailas
Co-produced by Tim Gennert and Eostar Kamala
Album cover art by Tessa Fenger aka Mythos –

Liner Notes…




Everything comes from the womb
Allow it allow it allow it to bloom
Under the Sun everything
Sings of the love between the King and the Queen

Dying to the form of who I am
Appears like empty desert sand
The most direct path is often the wrong way
Opposites will move but the moment will stay

Illuminate my inner eye
In the deepest dark
I see your love light
I see your love light

The brightest sky appears dark
Ancient womb feels like a newborn heart
The highest morals always falter
Allowing the path things become much clearer

Walking the path you’re disappearing
Emptiness appears like crystal fountain
Always changing always moving
Nothing is the way that it appears to be


Namaste Namaste
Namaste Namaste
The spirit in me sees the spirit in you

I see your being
Perfect and shining
I see your soul
Beyond it all
I see your spirit
And myself in it
Feels like I know you from long ago

I bow at your feet
You are whom I seek
I see the divine
In your soul
May the spirit within me
Honor your infinite beauty
And sing you a song
Soul to soul


The Hero's Journey

Aren’t we all singing the same song
Finding the same treasure
Opening closing our eye-lids
Like wings of the same feather
Bubbles of light bursting through our bones
Massage of the Universe
Revelations and temptations
Passing through us as we cross the world

Chorus: Aren’t we all, aren’t we all, aren’t we all gift of the Goddess?

Aren’t we all coming from the same kingdom
Walking through the same village?
Crossing mountains, called to adventure
On an endless pilgrimage?
The Hero’s journey is the circular path
That spins around the Universe
Death and rebirth at the bottom of the whirlpool
See your light-body emerge!


Bridge: There’s only one wind we can ever soar on
Only one source of Light we can ever depend on
Only one blanket covering our senses
One Mother Nature receiving our ashes
One Great Spirit bursting through the seams
Lighting up our candles while we dream….the same dream

Aren’t we all churning the same butter
So we get the purest cream?
Grist for the mill that we keep on turning
Till we get the finest wheat?
The Heart’s desire is the one guiding light
To take us to the Motherland
Receive these blessings on our way
To atone to a higher realm!

Spirit in the End

The hidden sap of a sacred tree
A drop of water coming toward me
A love-letter that’s never been sent
Pots of gold, earned and spent
They all become spirit in the end
They all become spirit in the end

A shell hiding the rarest pearl
A thief’s hands on a crown jewel
Clouds made by the hidden hand
An open gate at the rainbow’s end
They all become spirit in the end
They all become spirit in the end

It’s only a matter of time,
only a matter of time
It’s only a matter of time,
only a matter of time

Forest longing the rains of spring
People awaiting God’s coming
Footsteps in the desert sand
Man in white holding out his hand
They all become Spirit in the End
They all become Spirit in the End

White Buffalo Woman

White Buffalo Woman teach us how to walk in the ways of love
Ways of love…
White Buffalo Woman join the split feather together as one
White Buffalo Woman purify our world
Retrieve the sacred pipe from the womb of the Earth

Hey Yanna Ho Yanna…

White Buffalo Woman the time for your return has arrived
May our will with the will of the Great Spirit be aligned
White Buffalo Woman purify our world
Retrieve the sacred pipe from the womb of the Earth

Hey Yanna Ho Yanna…

White Buffalo Woman see the Earth and her people in chaos
Lead us across the Mountains of Peace where there are no shadows
White Buffalo Woman purify our world
Retrieve the sacred pipe from the womb of the Earth

Madre Agua

Como pintar la luz de tu alma
Con los colores de mi amor
Como cantar la luz dorada
Del mamantial de tu interior
Como entregarme sin deseo y sin razon
Con la alegria y la inocencia de una flor

Tu tienes todas las edades
En tu sonrisa canta el sol
Madre del viento ser que sabes
Como cantarle al Amor
Como el diamante sea que el brillo del carbon
Tu magia cambia en cristallina mi illusion

Quiero cantarte Madre Agua
Desde la eterna gratitud
Por tantos hijos que me has dado
Por cada gota de tu luz
Llevo el recuerdo cuando el fuego consigio
Amarte tanto que hasta sangre se volvio

El fuego que corre en mis venas
Es el recuerdo de este amor
Aguita que curas mis penas
Deja brillando el Corazon
El sol que calienta mi tierra
Solo es el agua que volvio
A convertirse Luz de estrella
En su camino al Corazon

Just like painting the light of your soul
With the colors of my love
Just like singing the golden light
Of the headwaters of your interior
Just like surrendering without desire and without reason
With the joy and innocence of a flower

You have all the ages
In your smile sings the Sun
Mother of the wind I know that you know
How to sing to Love
As the diamond brings out the brightness of coal
Your magic changes my illusion to be crystalline

I want to sing to you Mother Water
From eternal gratitude
For so many children that you have given me
For every drop of your light
I carry the memory when the fire achieved
To love you so much that it has turned itself into blood

The fire that runs in my veins
Is the memory of this love
Little water, you who heal my pain
And leave the heart shining

The sun that warms my land
Is just water that returned
To become Starlight
On his way to the Heart

Bitter Medicine

As I walked along / the windy road / a man came and spoke to me:
Take this cup my friend / drink it up / – it’s bitter medicine

Medicina que cura que sana – Bitter Medicine
Medicina que cura que sana – Wake me from the dream!

The man prayed and blessed it /as I drank it / then he spoke again:
It’s divine grace / when healing takes place / there’s light where the tunnel ends

Awaken dreaming / I heard him chanting / then he spoke again:
It may hurt a while / it may take your pride / it will ask you look within

Divine Nectar / sweet and fragrant like a flower / how much I love your taste
Still I will be / ready for thee / reveal thy bitter truth today!

Chant at the end:

Let Go

Each of us
Is a shining star
So look to the sky
To find out who you are

Let go of your burdens
And start to shine

Let go, let go, let go
Let go, let go, really let go
Let go, let go, completely really let go
To the Bliss Divine


© All lyrics and music written by Eostar Kamala, except “Madre Agua” is written by Alonso del Rio.  The Sanskrit part of “Let Go” is a traditional Buddhist mantra.



Mathias Pailas – acoustic and electric lead guitar, vocals (on all tracks)

Eostar Kamala – acoustic guitar, vocals, didgeridoo (on all tracks)

Jared May – bass (on all tracks)

Wally Ingram- drums and percussion ( on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7)

Joe Craven – mandolin, violin (on tracks 1, 3)

Jason Crosby – piano (on tracks 2, 3, 8)

Zoltán Lantos – violin (on tracks 2, 8) Suellen Primost – cello (on tracks 2, 3, 4, 8)

Charles Moselle – alto flute, shakuhachi flute, bansuri (on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)

Jack Springett – drums ( on track 8)

Evan Fraser – ngoni (on tracks 3, 4, 7)

Nigel Wolovick – marimba (on track 1)

Boaz Martin – udu, tablas, birimbau ( on track s 2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Ian Dogole – hang drum, mbira (on tracks 4, 7)

Carrie Davoli- supporting vocals (on tracks 2, 5, 7,8)

Bodhi Setchko – Native American Flute (on track 5)

Aharon Wheels Bolsta – bansuri, percussion (on track 6)

Cello Joe – cello (on track 6)

Lama Norbu – prayer on “Let Go”



Produced by Mathias Pailas
Co-produced by Tim Gennert and Eostar Kamala
Recorded by Mathias Pailas and Eostar Kamala
Percussion and flute on track 6 recorded by Nigel Wolovick
Drums and percussion recorded by Jeff Jarvis and Tim Gennert
Mixed by Tim Gennert and Mathias Pailas
Mastered by Tim Gennert
Cover Art: “Rainbow Boat” by Tessa Fenger,


About the Album

This medicine song is a prayer for the opening of the inner eye, while chanting words inspired by Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching”, the fundamental text of Taoism. Translated as “The Classic of the Way’s Virtues”, the Tao Te Ching provides ageless wisdom dating back from 6th century BC China.

Inspired by the words of Swami Sivananda, one of the great yoga masters of the 20th century, “Namaste” reminds us that the eyes of God are as close as the person next to us. The literal translation from Sanskrit is sung in the choruses, while the verses provide a more expanded meaning.

The Hero’s Journey
Joseph Campbell described the basic pattern of narrative that appears around the world in storytelling, drama, myth and ritual as “the hero’s journey”. Venturing out from daily life to the world of supernatural wonders, our journey of death and rebirth leads victory; the Gift of the Goddess is granted to the hero in the form of the realized self upon returning home.

Spirit in the End
Inspired by Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, theologian, and Sufi mystic, this song reminds us of physical impermanence and the timeless and steady nature of Spirit.

White Buffalo Woman
Based on a Native American prophecy, this song evokes the legend of the White Buffalo Woman, who buried the Sacred Pipe as a token of her promise to return and usher in a new era of peace.

Madre Agua
Composed by Alonso Del Rio, a friend and most admired songwriter and medicine man from Peru, these masterful Spanish lyrics bring us one of the most beautiful odes to water ever written.

Bitter Medicine
Inspired by the medicine journey, this musical transmission brings forth deep healing on the wings of a song. Blending instruments from around the world, from hang, birimbau, mbira to didgeridoo, ngoni and electric guitar with Jerry Garcia’s famous Univibe distortion, we are transported into the depths of trance states.

Let Go
The Indian masters of Buddhism who came to China held that it was impossible to explain the esoteric meanings of the mantras in words. It is said that when a devotee succeeds in realizing singleness of mind by repeating a mantra, then its profound meaning will be clearly revealed to him or her. This mantra is the last two lines of the Heart Sutra of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition also known as the “ Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom”.

Lama Norbu beautifully recites an excerpt from the Heart Sutra at the end of the song to send us into a blissful meditation as the last few sounds of this album vanish into the distance.