An acoustic duo with truly masterful guitar improvisations, elaborate vocal harmonies, dynamic grooves and the heart-opening medicine of original devotional songs: this is the “Eostar and Mathias” experience.  It is hard to fit them in any box, but we can say that Eostar and Mathias are creatively moving between devotional, medicine, new-age, jam-band, folk and sound healing music genres.


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Music is a healing force, ready to open your heart…

Welcome to the “Eostar and Mathias” Experience – a unique musical phenomena in the West Coast Conscious-Spiritual Music culture.

Based in the North San Francisco Bay Area, Eostar and Mathias have been submersed in the Bhakti, tribal, conscious and medicine music subculture collectively for over three decades.   They have been called to this work by forces larger than themselves and are driven by the creative muse of mystical awakening and healing. 

Eostar and Mathias met 14 years ago at a sacred song-sharing gathering and they have continued playing together professionally ever since.  

Their acoustic duo is an intimate, paired down version of WEB of ONE, which gorgeously highlights the duo’s masterful guitar chops and luscious vocal harmonies.  Eostar and Mathias are capable of creating a huge and massively dynamic sound, with bass lines and rhythmic accents that illuminate their extraordinary talents.  

Eostar is a lyricist and songwriter at heart, while Mathias adds his unique guitar improvisations and trained ear for arrangements to the mix.  They compose  complex harmonies and blend their vocals to reach magical heights, merging as One.   Together, they have been known to induce both deep trance  and/or ecstatic bliss states.   Audiences are often inspired to dance to the deep grooves of their guitars and they depart with hearts wide open and connected to the higher source within. 

Eostar and Mathias’ concerts are often coupled with Cacao and Blue Lotus flower rituals, invoking the various flavors of ceremonial traditions from around the world.  Additionally, they regularly hold space for sacred plant medicine ceremonies that they potentiate with the healing power of their music.   

Eostar brings her own original ceremonial songs to the altar and bundles them together with traditional medicine songs from South America as well as from her Peruvian mentor Alonso Del Rio.  Eostar and Mathias are teachers and practitioners of yoga and breathwork, and the influence of Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices are as much part of their musical offerings as the South American wisdom teachings and plant spirit traditions.

Eostar and Mathias also facilitate Sound Healing Journeys.  They have been collecting sound healing instruments for decades and have developed a unique offering  weaving a continuous flow of a trance-inducing sound that will allow the listener to journey beyond the realm of the mind. 

Their acoustic album “Illuminate” has been enchanting devotional hearts and modern-day mystics as well as lovers of masterful musical arrangements.  We welcome you to listen to it and allow yourself to be taken by the power of love!

Happy Equinox Everyone! We are launching into Spring celebrating the fertility of the land and the Goddess Ostara who gave her name to our present-day Easter (and to Eostar).  We literally saw several of her totem animals – rabbits – jumping around at our local park today, while the fertilizing waters were gushing and flooding the marshland that is our stomping-ground these days.  Wading in the streams that cover the paths we were once again reminded of how water is the true mother of all life!  And we received so abundantly of her this Spring! 

We are continuing with offerings in Sebastopol this month while also planning an Oregon trip maybe as early as in May.  Please let us know if any of you Oregonians would like to book us for concerts, workshops or ceremonies.  The dates are still up in the air- we are flexible.

Below please find our newsletter! Hope to see you all soon!

April in a glance:

April 2nd – Hypno-Breathing

April 7th – Tantric Kundalini Healing – Somatic Energetic Activation

April 13th – Breathwork and Sound Healing

April 15th – Magic Sacred Fire Song-Circle and Interactive Sound Healing Temple

April 26th – Medicine Music Workshop and Song Circle

April 27th – Sacred Music Concert

April 28th – 29th – Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

All events will take place in Sebastopol, CA!

For details, please go to “Events”!

Illuminate – our new studio album weaves together a magical tapestry of sounds.

These original songs and lyrics bring together spiritual wisdom from the ages sculpted into beautiful melodies and evocative grooves with psychedelic guitar work and exotic instruments from around the world. All songs written by Eostar Kamala except “Madre Agua” is written by Alonso Del Rio.

Produced by Mathias Pailas
Co-produced by Tim Gennert and Eostar Kamala
Album cover art: “Rainbow Boat” by Tessa Fenger aka Mythos – www.artbymythos.com

The Hero’s Journey – official music video

Enjoy this video shot at the scenic Coleman Valley Road in Sonoma County, California, featuring a song from our new album “Illuminate”.  “The Hero’s Journey” is a beautiful reminder of the Oneness of All Creation and the similarity between all human experience no matter the circumstances.  Venturing out from daily life to the world of supernatural wonders, our journey of death and rebirth leads to victory; the Gift of the Goddess is granted to the hero in the form of the realized Self upon returning home.  Video produced by Eostar Kamala, filmed by Mikayla Lev and Jason Redhawk.