Dear Friends,

We are back home from Burning Man and glowing in the beautiful vibrational frequency of our Saturday night concert and Sacred Fire song-sharing. It was such a joy to produce “Enchanted Garden” – a place where hearts grow fonder and songs touch the skies filled with stars.  I am also glowing with excitement and inspiration because I just saw my friend and mentor Alonso Del Rio’s newly released film, “The Four Altars”.  This is not another Ayahuasca documentary!  This is a full-feature film that took many years in the making with the help of a professional film crew and cast.  Alonso wrote the screen-play, and he directed and produced the movie as well.  What a powerhouse he is, along with being one of my most admired song-writers and a very inspiring medicine man!  At the bottom of this newsletter, please see more details on how you can stream this movie on-line.  It has English subtitles.

We are heading to Bhaktifest in two days. We will also be playing in Encinitas while in Southern California.  Then we will come back to hold a couple of ceremonies here in Sebastopol.  We are looking forward to our new adventures!


September 14-17th: Music Concert at Bhaktifest near Joshua Tree, CA

September 22nd: Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey at the Temple of Joy, Encinitas, CA

September 23rd: Sacred Music Concert at the Temple of Joy, Encinitas, CA

November 10-12th: Festival Musikalkimia – a festival of medicine music in Mexico, Valle de Bravo

November 15th: Film Screening of “The Four Altars” in Mexico City and playing a concert as part of Alonso Del Rio’s band afterward.



Thursday-Sunday, September 15-17th – Joshua Tree, CA


We are excited to be booked at BhaktiFest this year!  This will be our third time performing at this amazing festival of devotional and conscious music.  We are excited to be bringing our music to the world of yoga. 

For more information go to

Friday, September 22nd – Encinitas, CA

Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey

at The Temple of Joy

946 Hermes Ave, Encinitas, CA

Doors open: 7:00 pm

Session: 7:30 -9:00 pm

Entry: $20-$40 sliding scale

No-one turned away for lack of funds.

In this powerful practice you will be guided through a particular Pranayama practice that will allow you to experience a timeless transpersonal and transcendental state of consciousness. You will find yourself both with a heart opened and a third eye activated. In this state, your subconscious mind is accessible and open for true healing and transformation to take place. This is a potent and powerful practice that cuts through the endless chatter of the mind, delivering you to witness your true essence.

Stay in this blissful state and allow yourself to travel on the wings of a sound healing symphony as Eostar and Mathias are weaving the spacious sounds of their magical sound healing instruments.

What to bring?

Yoga mat or camping mat to lay down on

A blanket or towel to fold under your head ( we don’t recommend pillows)

Another blanket to cover yourself with

water to drink

Optional: an eye-mask or a shawl to cover your eyes with

A journal and a pen

Eostar is a certified yoga instructor (The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre) and a certified breathwork practitioner (Anatomy of Awakening Certification at The Breath Center). She is also trained in various transformational healing modalities. See more details at her website:

Saturday, September 23rd- Encinitas, CA

Sacred Music Concert with Eostar and Mathias

at The Temple of Joy

946 Hermes Ave, Encinitas, CA

Doors open: 6:00 pm

Cacao-Blue Lotus Ceremony: 6:30 pm

Concert: 7:00-8:30-ish

Entry: $20 – $40

No-one turned away for lack of funds.

Join Eostar and Mathias for a beautiful evening of original and traditional sacred songs and mantras with luscious harmonies and masterful acoustic guitar work. This will be an evening of celebration of all that is sacred to us: Life, community, togetherness, songs that heal and instrumental guitar improvisations that take our audience into the bliss of the present moment.

November 10-12th: Festival Musikalkimia – a festival of medicine music in Mexico, Acatitlan, Valle de Bravo

@festival_musikalkimia on Instagram

We will provide you with more information as we find out! Would anyone like to attend a medicine music festival in Mexico where we are playing in Alonso Del Rio’s band? Alonso is Eostar’s Ayahuasca Ceremonial Facilitation mentor, amazing songwriter, healer, author of books and also producer of a brand new feature movie. Check out his website:

November 15th: Film Screening of “The Four Altars” in Mexico City and concert as part of Alonso Del Rio’s band afterward.

Those of you considering joining us at Festival MusicAlkimia, may want to consider staying longer in the Mexico City Area to participate in the screening of Alonso’s new movie and concert afterward.  Mathias and I will be playing with Alonso’s band adding supporting vocals and lead guitar. I can provide more details later.

More about the movie “The Four Altars”:

My friend and mentor, Peruvian medicine man Alonso Del Rio just released his first full-feature film: “The Four Altars”.  I remember him telling me about his plans to make this movie 6 years ago when I was visiting there.  I could not fathom what he had in mind.  He was adamant about the fact that this was not a documentary but an actual movie.  Alonso wrote the screen play and directed and produced the movie with the help of associate producers and a professional film crew.  It was a huge project that he downloaded from the heart of the Universe and he carried it out to the end so that we can now enjoy his creation.  This film is both artistic and meaningful, an intimate and artistic portrayal of the world of the shamans of the Amazon and the High Andes – and their interaction with the modern world that is threatening to destroy all that is sacred.  I highly recommend watching it!  Please spread the word about this movie so that its message spreads out far and wide, inseminating new seeds in people’s psyche, ready to blossom when the time is right.

Eostar Kamala

Watch the trailer here:

Watch the movie here:

Visit Alonso Del Rio’s website:

Here are a few words about the movie from Alonso Del Rio:

The film “The Four Altars” is the return to the path of sacred art – of art as a means of healing.  Using the powerful tool that is cinema, we want to direct our attention to issues of vital importance:

– The first, the urgent care that the Amazon needs in the face of the overexploitation of its resources, especially through deforestation and gold mining;

– The second is the transformation of consciousness through sacred plants and ancestral wisdom, hidden in rituals such as the ceremony of the four Altars.

More information about the filming and the film:

Our character: Ana Terra, represents an ordinary person like you or me who wants to be happy, trying hard to achieve it, but putting her energy in the wrong place.  In the search for our well-being, by inertia, we feed a system that becomes increasingly distorted and distances us from our essence.

Our story: On an unexpected trip to Peru, Ana discovers the universe of sacred plants, generating a profound transformation in her vision of life and her priorities. Highly sensitized by getting to know the Amazon, she witnesses the ecological crime that is committed there every day and decides to do everything she can to change it.

​The driving force of this project is respect for the planet, for plants and all living beings.

​“The Four Altars” was filmed in three countries with top-notch actors and a high-level production that will surprise you.  It is a truly independent film, not only economically,since it was financed entirely by people from the world of sacred plant medicines, but also ideologically since it directly questions the “mainstream” and the path they want to impose on us.

​That is why it is important that you be part of this movement in cinema, that raises awareness, and help us spread it so that it is not lost and buried by millions of films that degrade us.

​Be part of the change! Our isolated effort is not enough without the support that your energy can give it.