A unique sound emerges from the San Francisco Bay Area…

Journey into the heart on the wings of the transcendental jamband sound, original devotional poetry and dance-inspiring grooves: this is the “Eostar and the WEB of ONE” experience.  Download and listen to the new studio album “Illuminate”, a masterful tapestry of acoustic world and rock fusion from the heart of the medicine muse.

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Music is a revolutionary/evolutionary force.

We are the change makers, the cultural creatives, the permaculturists, the herbalists, the plant medicine tribes of visionary transformation, the visionary artists, conscious architects, health conscious yogis, dancers and singers, standing for economic, racial and gender equality. These and many more are things we resonate with as a part of this evolutionary wave… this evolutionary mandate. This is a call to action that we all do our own small part! Music is how we – Eostar and the WEB of ONE – feel compelled into action ! We truly are blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to share this music with you now in these potent times.


We are so happy about the response we have been getting to our studio album “Illuminate” on the world wide web. “Illuminate” is now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and countless other streaming music services. 

Each song is exquisitely, lovingly crafted for a deep high fidelity sonic experience that will surely reveal more and more of its jewels with repeated listens.

We are also excited about the response we have gotten to our YouTube music video from the song “ HERO’S JOURNEY”. We’d be so excited if you all would view, like and share this beautiful song of the “ Conscious Revolution”.  Scroll down on this page to see the video.

We are all in this together as we try and co create a new paradigm on planet earth through conscious acts. I trust we are all doing our parts large and small to contribute to this new conscious approach to evolution.

We are honored that the present moment has you here with us now, thank you!


This Spring Mathias and Eostar are going to be playing as a duo at various venues, bringing our music to some awesome communities. They are offering Cacao Ceremony and Concert followed by Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey the following day.  You can visit the Facebook events connected to these offerings to find out  about more details.


April 16: Cacao Ceremony, Concert and Song Sharing at the SourceLight Sanctuary 1723 Sextonview Lane, Sebastopol, CA

April 17: Breathwork with Sound Healing Journey at the SourceLight Sanctuary1723 Sextonview Lane, Sebastopol, CA

April 23: Cacao Ceremony, Concert and Song Sharing at the Golden Mandala Yoga and Consciousness Center, 417 Broad Street, Suite B, Nevada City, CA

April 24: Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey at the Golden Mandala Yoga and Consciousness Center, 417 Broad Street, Suite B, Nevada City, CA

June 10-12: Breathwork and Sound Healing Journey at the Hog Farm Hideaway 2022 Healing Sanctuary, Laytonville, CA

June 18:  Duo Concert at the Wu Wei Tea Temple in Fairfax, CA

Illuminate – our new studio album weaves together a magical tapestry of sounds.

These original songs and lyrics bring together spiritual wisdom from the ages sculpted into beautiful melodies and evocative grooves with psychedelic guitar work and exotic instruments from around the world. All songs written by Eostar Kamala except “Madre Agua” is written by Alonso Del Rio.

Produced by Mathias Pailas
Co-produced by Tim Gennert and Eostar Kamala
Album cover art: “Rainbow Boat” by Tessa Fenger aka Mythos – www.artbymythos.com

The Hero’s Journey – official music video

Enjoy this video shot at the scenic Coleman Valley Road in Sonoma County, California, featuring a song from our new album “Illuminate”.  “The Hero’s Journey” is a beautiful reminder of the Oneness of All Creation and the similarity between all human experience no matter the circumstances.  Venturing out from daily life to the world of supernatural wonders, our journey of death and rebirth leads to victory; the Gift of the Goddess is granted to the hero in the form of the realized Self upon returning home.  Video produced by Eostar Kamala, filmed by Mikayla Lev and Jason Redhawk.